Damien from Room 23 is now proud to be working in conjunction with Sports & Spinal in our Nambour & Coolum Practices!

We believe that a strong relationship between client and therapist is the foundation through which a client will progress towards their therapeutic and life goals. Room23 Psychology @ Sports & Spinal offer a range of flexible service delivery options to suit your needs:

In-office • Mobile • Video Conferencing • Teleconferencing

Without restricting his practice to any particular life issue, Damien welcomes all enquiries for therapy, with a special interest in:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Trauma – including emergency services personnel
  • DVA
  • Grief & Loss
  • Children & Adolescents
  • Athlete Wellbeing
  • Substance Misuse & other issues of dependence
  • Chronic pain & Illness (e.g., arthritis, diabetes, and other health concerns)
  • Lifestyle change
  • LGBTI friendly

A Medicare rebate is available to people seeking a psychological service from Room23 Psychology @ Sports & Spinal under a Mental Health Treatment Plan provided by a GP, psychiatrist, or pediatrician. Most private health insurers also provide an annual allowance for psychological services.

Visit: www.room23.com.au for more information or please phone 0477 232 323 to speak to Damien if you have any questions or would like to book in a time to see to him

Psychology Services

Room23 Psychology @ Sports & Spinal, is deeply committed to ethical practice, integrity, confidentiality, understanding, and a caring approach to counseling. Damien is committed to working with individuals, couples, and groups with an enthusiasm for delivering workshops and seminars on a range of topics relating to life, health, performance, and sport subjects.

Damien has experience working with people facing a variety of psychological difficulties, including:


·  Depression ·  Anxiety/ Stress ·  Trauma
·  Eating Disorders ·  Lifestyle Change ·  Chronic Pain
·  Diabetes ·  Arthritis ·  Cardiac Problems
·  Weight Loss ·  Treatment Adherence ·  Hypertension
·  Injury Management ·  Initiating Exercise Programs ·  Terminal Illness
·  Return to Work Programs ·  Addiction ·  Sleep Difficulties
·  LBGTIQ Community ·  Relationship Counselling ·  Military & Emergency Services

Performance Psychology

Are you looking for an edge in your sport performance? Room23 Psychology @ Sports & Spinal can help you achieve your goals.

Athletes and sporting organisations are continually seeking an advantage over the competition and it is the mental side of the game that is quite often the edge that they need. Damien has the knowledge and experience to assist you achieve excellence in your sporting endeavour.

Sport can place great demands on athletes. Therefore, in addition to assisting athletes achieve their sporting goals, Damien is equally concerned about assisting athletes achieve balance, and wellbeing away from the arena.

At Room23 Psychology, Damien has a passion for assisting individuals, teams, and organisations, whether younger or older, social or elite, achieve their sport and wellbeing goals. Below are some examples of the areas in which Room23 Psychology can assist you:

  • Sport/ Life Balance
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Routines
  • Performance Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Resilience & Mental Toughness
  • Mental Recovery & Restoration
  • Career Transition
  • Weight Management & Eating Disorders
  • Performance Restoration
  • Attentional Focus
  • Imagery/ Visualisation
  • Conflict Resolution/ Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Anxiety Management
  • Debriefing & Program Evaluation
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Injury Management
  • Mental Preparation
  • Communication Skills
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Travel
  • Sleep
  • Over Training & Burnout
  • Error Recovery
  • High Performance/Team Culture

Whether you are seeking enhanced performance in the arena, or assistance with life away from competition, Room23 Psychology @ Sports & Spinal is well placed to assist you achieve your goals. Please do not hesitate to contact Damien to discuss your sport, exercise, and performance needs.

Please contact Damien on:

Meet Damien:

Damien Stewart


Damien has completed a Master of Applied Psychology (Sport & Exercise) and a Master of Philosophy (Psychology) degree at the University of Queensland, Australia. He is a member of the Australian Psychological Society, an Associate Member of the College of Sport & Exercise Psychology, and a member of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Damien is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. As well as this, Damien is a full Member of the College of Sport and Exercise Psychology and a Convenor of the APS Military and Emergency Services Interest Group. Damien came to psychology from a 19-year career in the emergency services sector at both the state and federal level. During this time, he worked in a variety of areas that called for excellence in performance and a dedication to achieving highly valued organisational outcomes.  Damien is registered to work within the Medicare, WorkCover Queensland, and private health insurance systems.

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