Sharna Kassman

Sharna resides on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and completed a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. Prior to this, Sharna also completed a Bachelor of Paramedic Science and previously worked as an Assistant in Nursing for a number of years.

Sharna has a special interest in caring for our elderly clientele and individuals with disability. She likes to be challenged to think outside the box, and appreciates exercise for its incredible ability in enhancing activities of daily living.

Sharna is determined to make all her sessions enjoyable and values even the slightest improvements seen with exercise therapy.

Sharna loves to renovate her home on the weekends with her fiancé and is completing an online course for a Certificate in Interior Design (as a hobby). She is also an avid baker and makes beautiful birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and anything sweet! Sharna is a big believer in everything in moderation.