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Searching for a psychologist in South East Queensland?  Our practice has an experienced team of Psychologists dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological care to foster meaningful and lasting change in our client’s lives.

We believe that a strong relationship between client and therapist is the foundation through which a client will progress towards their therapeutic and life goals.  Psychology @ Sports & Spinal offers a range of flexible service delivery options to suit your needs:

  • In-office
  • Mobile
  • Telehealth

Booking can be made online or contacting our clinic directly, we do not require a referral from your GP to get booked in however to see our clinical psychologist under the Mental Health Care Plan by Medicare you will need to see your GP, the process starts with your GP preparing a Mental Health Care Plan which you then bring to your first appointment. A Mental Health Care Plan is not required to receive a rebate from your private health fund.

Psychology @ Sports & Spinal is deeply committed to ethical practice, integrity, confidentiality, understanding, and a caring approach to counselling. Our Psychologists are committed to working with individuals, couples, and groups with an enthusiasm for delivering workshops and seminars on a range of topics relating to life, health, performance, and sports subjects.

Our Psychologists have experience working with people facing a variety of psychological difficulties, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety/ Stress
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Chronic Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cardiac Problems
  • Weight Loss
  • Treatment Adherence
  • Hypertension
  • Injury Management
  • Initiating Exercise Programs
  • Terminal Illness
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Addiction
  • Sleep Difficulties
  • LBGTIQ Community · Relationship Counselling · Military & Emergency Services

Meet Sports & Spinal Psychologists

Scroll through the list and click the faces to find out more information about our team.

Domonique Doyle


Domonique is a performance psychologist who has received a Master of Psychology (Sport and Exercise) from Queensland. Domonique has diverse experience working in mental health, including mental health case management, performance psychologist at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and several sports academies, spinal cord injury, NDIS, work cover, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and general psychological counselling and services.

Domonique is passionate about helping clients improve their quality of life and achieve goals in a safe and heard environment through face-to-face, telehealth, and/or video platform.

Without restricting to any presenting issue, Domonique welcomes all enquiries for therapy with a special interest in depression and anxiety, athlete wellbeing, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) support, work cover (including pain and injury support) substance use, LBTIQ+, and general counselling.

Domonique is available for Psychology appointments at Maroochydore and Coolum.

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Joanna Sterling


Joanna completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and a Master of Psychology (Sport and Exercise) at Queensland. She is a fully registered psychologist with the Australian Heath Practitioner Agency (AHPRA) and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Joanna enjoys working with individuals across the lifespan and has experience practising in various settings, including schools, community health organisations, sporting clubs/teams and private practice. She has also previously assisted with research into Whiplash Associated Disorders and is an author on several journal articles in this area.

Joanna is a warm and empathetic practitioner who uses an eclectic approach to work towards her clients’ goals. She draws on a range of evidence-based practices, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Interpersonal Therapy (IPT). Areas of special interest for Joanna include:

  • Developing and supporting healthy lifestyle changes
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Supporting recovery from injury
  • Managing chronic health conditions, including chronic pain and digestive issues (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Working with athletes to assist with performing at the highest level whilst also maintaining mental wellbeing

Joanna is currently available for telehealth appointments through the Broadbeach clinic. She can see clients under a range of referral types, including Mental Health Care Plans, NDIS, Work Cover and private health.

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Julia Camporeale


Julia has many years of experience as both a psychologist and physiotherapist making her perfectly positioned to have a great understanding of both professions, particularly the impact of pain and its underpinnings and complexities for clients. With her physiotherapy and psychology background, Julia has an excellent understanding of disability. She also has a passion for counselling and working with clients to understand situations and make forward plans for the future.

Julia is available for Psychology appointments at our Redcliffe clinic.

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