Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Covid-19 Coronavirus Management Plan

Sports & Spinal is a COVID safe essential service, and we will continue to deliver our services to the community with trust, compassion, and care. We give our patients complete confidence that our teams have the strictest hygiene measures as directed by Queensland Health. We ensure that all patients are screened before coming into the clinic to ensure they have not been in close contact with an infectious person.

All clinical and administrative staff have undertaken COVID-19 infection control training and are fully vaccinated. We will continue to review and implement the procedures in accordance with Government guidelines.

We are an essential service and are here to support all patients in achieving optimal health. In instances where your local area may have cases or close contacts, we ask that you wear a mask when entering our facilities. If you are a close contact, please cancel your appointment and isolate as per QLD directives.

Due to the nature of our treatment, our clinical staff cannot social distance at all times. In low-risk areas, they may be wearing a mask to minimise risk. In moderate-risk areas, they will ALL be wearing masks and may also be wearing protective eyewear to ensure the health and safety of our patients.

We ask that all patients use their smartphones to check-in via the QLD GOV Check In-App; if you cannot do so, please let our friendly administrative know.

What we are doing in our clinics

  • Rigorous routine cleaning throughout the entire clinic (treatment rooms, waiting areas, gyms, bathrooms)
  • Hand sanitiser – we encourage you to use this as soon as you arrive and when you leave.
  • All patients are screened for signs/symptoms.
  • Signage around the clinic relating to appropriate hygiene/precautions
  • No magazines/toys in waiting areas
  • Disposable coverings on treatment surfaces
  • QR QLD Check-in app

What our staff are doing

  • Screening of staff before shifts
  • Thorough hygiene processes
  • Cleaning clothing/not wearing the same items of clothing between shifts
  • Recommended social distancing between staff where appliable
  • Working from one treatment room
  • No longer using shared spaces as a team, e.g. lunchroom.
  • Working from home where appropriate
  • Have all understand COVID-19 Infection Control training

We appreciate your understanding from the entire Sports & Spinal team during this time!