Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Covid-19 Coronavirus Management Plan

At Sports & Spinal we are taking all precautions recommended by the Department of Health & Australian Government to ensure we can continue to provide you & our teams with a safe environment.

We want you to know that we are keeping up to date with all recommendations made from the World Health Organisation, Australia’s Department of Health, Queensland Health Department, and the APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) . We will continue to review and update our procedures over this time to ensure we are providing you with a safe place to be able to continue your health journey. It is important to maintain your rehabilitation through this time. Sports & Spinal are here to support you and your families in these uncertain times!

Information from The Department of Health

What we are doing in our clinics 

  • Rigorous routine cleaning throughout the entire clinic (treatment rooms, waiting areas, gyms, bathrooms)
  • Hand sanitizer – we encourage you to use this as soon as you arrive and when you leave
  • All patients are screened for signs/symptoms
  • SMS reminders to patients regarding signs and symptoms
  • Signage around the clinic relating to appropriate hygiene/precautions
  • Cashless
  • No magazines/toys in waiting areas
  • Water towers removed from waiting areas
  • Disposable coverings on treatment surfaces

Telehealth Appointments 

  • Your consultation will include a thorough assessment, advice, exercises and treatment plan to manage your injury independently at home
  • Telehealth options – no out of pocket cost for Medicare plans, available for DVA/Workcover/Third party insured (Private Health announcement expected on 14th April)

What you will be asked by our friendly reception team

  • Screening questions health/illness
  • Bring your towel and drink bottle
  • If you are new to Sports & Spinal, you will be sent a link to complete new patient paperwork remotely
  • When you attend your appointment, you may be asked to wait outside or in your car depending on the space allowed in each clinic for appropriate social distancing

What’s different about you consultations

  • The clinician will ensure they’re not within 1.5 metres of you for any more than 15 minutes. The remainder of the time utilised for;
    • Subjective examination time – getting to know what is happening and how we can help you
    • Explanation and demonstration of exercises + the development of your home exercise program
    • Time may also be spent setting you up on our telehealth platform

What our staff are doing

  • Screening of staff prior to shifts
  • Thorough hygiene processes
  • Cleaning clothing/not wearing the same items of clothing between shifts
  • Recommended social distancing between staff where appliable
  • Working from one treatment room
  • No longer using shared spaces as a team e.g. lunch room
  • Working from home where appropriate
  • Have all understand COVID-19 Infection Control training

As we all adapt to the new ‘normal’ we remain OPEN & committed to supporting you and your loved ones. Due to the current climate, things might be a little difference such as, skyping Nana for a dinner date, zooming friends for a coffee catch up, or a Facetime family dinner. Whatever you do, you’re likely getting used to technology playing a bigger part in how we communicate. We’re doing it too with online consultations, classes & meetings! If you have any questions about managing your injuries, keeping healthy and moving, we’re here for you.

From the entire Sports & Spinal team, we appreciate your understanding during this time!

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