Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Covid-19 Coronavirus Management Plan

Sports & Spinal continue to deliver our services to the community with trust, compassion, and care.

All clinical and administrative staff have undertaken COVID-19 infection control training and are fully vaccinated. We continue to review and implement the procedures in accordance with Government guidelines.

As some places are experiencing a re-emergence in COVID-19 cases, in instances where your local area may have cases or close contacts, we ask that you wear a mask when entering our facilities. If you feel unwell at all, please get in touch with your clinic to advise.

What we are doing in our clinics

  • Rigorous routine cleaning throughout the entire clinic (treatment rooms, waiting areas, gyms, bathrooms).
  • Hand sanitiser – we encourage you to use this as soon as you arrive and when you leave.
  • Signage around the clinic relating to appropriate hygiene/precautions.
  • Disposable coverings on treatment surfaces.

What our staff are doing

  • Thorough hygiene processes.
  • Cleaning clothing/not wearing the same items of clothing between shifts.
  • Recommended social distancing between staff where appliable.
  • Have all understand COVID-19 Infection Control training.