Physical fitness is first requisite of happiness

Sports & Spinal have a variety of classes available across our 18 clinics. Below are some of the classes we have on offer. Be sure to check what classes your nearest clinic offers as they do vary.


CSM is a Pilate-style class that embodies low impact flexibility, muscular strength and balance training. We create individualised programs specific to your functional goals and/or musculoskeletal concerns. This can be done either using the Pilates equipment (reformer, trapeze table, exercise ball etc) in a CSM Studio class, or in the form of a Mat Class, utilising bodyweight and minimal equipment. From here, we build and progress your program as appropriate with continued advice and education throughout, so your left feeling a better version of YOU.

Under the supervision of our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists we aim to improve the following techniques:

Enhanced Motor Control, Coordination, Breathing, Endurance, Strength Building, Postural Movements, Movement Patterns, Body Awareness and Balance

Who would benefit?

Our classes are designed to suit a wide range of problems and deficits with nil age restrictions or prior experience necessary. The classes aim to benefit those with the following concerns:

Acute & Chronic Injuries, Neurological Conditions, Post-Surgical Patients, Arthritis, Rheumatological Issues, General Conditioning Concerns and Osteoporosis

Our Pilates classes can also be used as an adjunct for injury prevention and screening. This means you do not have to be directly injured to be a part of our community.

By booking in for an assessment, we can develop specific programs appropriate for your presenting issue/concern and tailor your progressions accordingly. For more information, please contact your local sports and spinal centre location to arrange a consultation.

Incredible personalised health and wellness classes developed by the expertise of the Sports & Spinal Exercise Physiologist team. These classes are all about taking small steps to create big, lasting lifestyle changes for THE NEW YOU! Our Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists are trained in wellness coaching to help you lose weight, stay motivated with your rehab classes and self manage your condition with expert guidance. The classes incorporate a range of cardio and strength and conditioning training. Sports & Spinal’s Group Gym Classes provide an enjoyable and social environment under close supervision. Medical evidence shows that if you keep fit by exercising regularly, you will increase your chances of living a healthier life – feeling well, looking well and maintaining your lifestyle of choice.

What can I expect to achieve from the class?

Weight Loss, Improved Muscle Tone, Reduced Risk Of Developing a Chronic Disease, Increased Strength, Better Aerobic Fitness, More Flexibility, Fewer Joints Aches and Pains and Improved Balance

Who would benefit from the class?
· Clients wanting ongoing supervised musculoskeletal rehabilitation
·Clients wanting assistance with weight loss
· Clients wanting to treat chronic disease with exercise
· Clients wanting a fun and safe environment to train

Joining our classes:
All patients are required to have an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist before beginning any of our classes. This is to familiarise patients with any equipment, positions, exercises and identify any injuries/restrictions that we need to be aware of prior to a patient attending a class

Blooming Bellies to Active Mums are two classes designed for your specific needs during the antenatal and postnatal periods. The changes your body undergoes during the childbearing years require specific, targeted exercises by trained professionals to ensure that you safely remain strong and active.
Classes will have a large focus on core and pelvic floor muscle activation and strength through a range of functional lifts and movements, education and stretching.
These classes are the perfect transition back to pre-pregnancy fitness and sports, or future physical aspirations. Babies are more than welcome at our postnatal sessions.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy and Postnatally:

· Classes specifically tailored to pregnancy and postnatal issues
·  Strength, flexibility, conditioning in varied formats
·  Small class sizes allow for plenty of one on one time and specific programming
·  Pelvic floor safe exercise
·  Post-natal women are welcome to bring babies
·  Holistic exercise session to enhance emotional and physical well-being through the release of endorphins

These classes are specifically tailored to the needs of women during their pregnancies and up to one year following birth.

The classes will comprise of:

·  Pelvic floor safe strength training
·  Hip complex strengthening
·  Functional lifting
·  Upper back/ postural strengthening
·  Pelvic floor education

Joining the classes:

You will need to attend a screening assessment with one of our Women’s Health Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists prior to commencing classes to ensure it is safe for you to start and to ensure that you gain the most from the classes by developing individualised programs and setting personal goals.
Antenatally this can be done anytime after 12 weeks. Postnatally, this will be done after your 6-week checkup with your obstetrician.

Sports & Spinal also offer Women’s Health Physiotherapy for pelvic girdle pain, spinal pain, continence, prolapse, bowel function, pelvic and sexual pain.

Hydrotherapy is a specific therapist supervised treatment and exercise program in a heated pool (32°C). Hydrotherapy is often used to improve strength and flexibility before beginning a gym or home-based program. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Being at a constant safe depth it is not necessary to be a competent swimmer in order to benefit. Our therapists run several classes every week at the Cotton Tree, Buderim, Nambour, Kawana, Caloundra and Coolum pools. Our group classes provide a safe, professional and most of all enjoyable environment! Classes have generally no more than 10-12 patients per class, classes are kept small to ensure the physiotherapist can concentrate on each patient’s program. Individual hydrotherapy sessions are also available by request.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy:

· Post-surgery (eg. total knee replacement)
· Assisting with injury rehabilitation
· Arthritis
· Exercising sore and painful joints
· General fitness/balance
· Fracture recovery

The heated water encourages stiff muscles and joints to relax, whilst the buoyancy takes the load off the weight-bearing joints allowing them to be exercised painlessly.

✓ Back pain

✓ Neck pain

✓ Shoulder problems

✓ Hip and knee pain

✓ Arthritis

✓ Rehabilitation from injuries

✓ Rehabilitation from orthopedic surgery

✓ Neurological problems e.g. rehab from stroke or head injury, cerebral 

✓ Rheumatological issues  

✓ General conditioning concerns palsy, Parkinson’s disease


Sports & Spinal offer a range of classes including Studio Pilates, Mat Pilates, New You, Hydrotherapy and Move4Life. We offer an UNLIMITED membership option which gives our members access to UNLIMITED classes at ANY Sports & Spinal location!

Our members are welcome to attend any of our classes, at any time in any of our locations.
Please note, our classes are still subject to availability and you must book a spot before attending.

Initial Assessment:
All patients are required to have an initial assessment with a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist before beginning any of our classes. This is to familiarise patients with any equipment, positions, exercises and identify any injuries/restrictions that we need to be aware of prior to a patient attending a class. After an initial assessment, your first 2 weeks are free.

Membership Options:
The below memberships give access to UNLIMITED classes at any Sports & Spinal location!

Unlimited 3 Month Membership
Unlimited 6 Month Membership
Unlimited 12 Month Membership

Please contact your local clinic for pricing options (including direct debit) and more information.
Membership not available at Hervey Bay Sports & Spinal


We recommend bringing a towel and a water bottle. If you are attending a CSM class we highly recommend using a pair of Pilates socks. You can purchase a pair in the clinic if needed.

We recommend wearing clothing that you would feel most comfortable in to perform the exercise. The same goes for footwear, runners are recommended.

For safety recommendations we keep class sizes to 4 to 5 people per class. Cancellations do occur though so some days your class may be full or it could just be you for the day.

It is best to call your nearest clinic and let them know that you are unable to attend. 24 hours notice is preferred but we do understand that life happens. Any notice is muchly appreciated. Read more below on our cancellation policy.

Our classes are run by our highly experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.

Physiotherapists are University qualified allied health professionals that assess, diagnose, plan, and manage the care of patients across a broad range of areas and conditions.

Exercise Physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals equipped with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to design, deliver, and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, subacute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

Yes, you can! As long as you are covered by your nominated health fund. We always recommend checking in with your private health provider or get a quote with your nearest clinic to see if you are covered and by how much.

When participating in any exercise class it is common to experience muscle soreness/pain. This is known as Delayed- Onset-Muscle-Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is not something to be concerned about. It is a natural reaction by our bodies as we adapt to new training/activity.


World IBD Day 💜⁠
#IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) are two serious, chronic digestive diseases that affect five million people worldwide. ⁠
There is no cure, no known cause, and little public understanding of the pain and chronic suffering with which IBD patients courageously cope every day of their lives.⁠
The Sports & SPinal Dietitian team can assist in managing IBD through nutrition and education. Get in touch with your nearest nutrition team today 💜⁠
#worldIBDday ⁠
Working through the planking pain together all to raise awareness for breast cancer. Go team 🤍

#teamwork #physio #sport #exerciseright #plank #corestrength
We have an amazing program that is less about 'dieting' and more about the psychological reasons behind why YOU eat and what YOU eat and how we can make positive changes to improve your diet, health and lifestyle. ⁠
Curated by our expert Dietitians the Diet, Behaviour & Beyond program is tailored to your health and wellbeing goals 🤍⁠
Head to our bio to find out more
Early last month we were lucky enough to have run a photoshoot with the talented @occhilism.moments, our women's health team and some beautiful Sunshine Coast mumma's 🤍⁠
 It was an amazing afternoon spent with some incredible women! ⁠
If you or someone you know needs help with their women's health needs, get in touch with our team today 💗
For all of 2022, we are celebrating 30 years of Sports & Spinal! ⁠
Over this time we have helped thousands of patients, engaged with local communities, developed long-lasting allied health relationships and more. ⁠
We are very proud of the achievements and milestones we have made and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our teams 💙⁠
Watch this space as we have a heap of plans installed to celebrate our 30th anniversary!
World Hygiene Day 🤝⁠
This year's theme for World Hand Hygiene Day is focused on recognizing that we can add to a facility's safety culture and quality through cleaning our hands but also that a strong quality and safety culture will encourage people to clean their hands at the right times and with the right products.⁠
Sports & Spinal prides itself on instilling high hygiene standards across all our practices and services. We take hygiene seriously 🧼⁠
Unite, talk and work together on hand hygiene for high quality safer care everywhere.⁠
#worldhygieneday #sportsandspinal #washyourhads #sanitiser
Chronic pain can be worsened by underlying inflammation. There are a few key nutrients that can help to reduce inflammation and help to manage chronic pain.⁠
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The Sports & Spinal website is being updated! 💚⁠
Due to the launch occurring today the site may be down throughout today and tomorrow. We do apologise for any inconvenience but if you do run into any trouble with accessing the site or making a booking, please check back soon ⁠
We are so excited to officially launch our new site to you!
Say G'Day to Sam👋⁠
Sam is one of our Sports & Spinal Dietitians practising out of our Buderim, Maroochydore & Sippy Downs clinics.⁠
Samantha studied a Bachelor of Dietetics at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian. Samantha provides a warm and understanding environment in which she supports clients on their journey to improved wellbeing and quality of life. ⁠
With her knowledge of food and medical nutrition therapy, she encourages sustainable eating behaviours and provides dietary advice that is guided by a client-centred approach, tailoring to the individual needs and unique background of each person. ⁠
Samantha believes that food doesn’t have to be complicated in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and is meant to be enjoyed.⁠
Samantha has special interests in sports nutrition, bariatric surgery (pre & post), gastrointestinal issues and elderly nutrition.⁠
Head to our bio to learn more about Sam and how she can help you with your diet and nutrition needs 💚
In honour of March being Endometriosis Awareness month, we wanted to give a shoutout to an amazing foundation called the Pelvic Pain Foundation. ⁠
PPFA brings medically responsible, positive, and interactive education to schools in Australia. ⁠
PPFA is committed to supporting teenagers who suffer severe period pain, pelvic pain, and endometriosis to allow them to fulfil their potential and live the best life possible.⁠
We applaud the PPFA team and all of their work! 🙌
Our Caloundra SSP team doing what they do best 🙌🏻 #sportsandspinal #pilates #clinicalpilates #caloundra
Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, degenerative neurological condition that affects a person’s control of their body movements. In Australia, it affects 100,000 people with 38 people being diagnosed every day.⁠
Our multidisciplinary team can help patients with Parkinson’s through exercise, diet and nutrition 💚⁠
If you or someone you know may need assistance please get in touch with your local Sports & Spinal clinic today
Easter is somehow already here!? And that means we have some changes to our usual opening hours ⁠
EASTER SAT: Closed ⁠
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TUESDAY 19TH: We are back!⁠
Please contact your local clinic to find out more or to rearrange any appointment times 💙
Say G'day to Prue 👋⁠
Prue works as a Women's Health physio at our Chermside Sports & Spinal Practice. Prue is passionate about getting people back to doing what they love. Her treatment plans combine hands-on treatment with tailored exercise programs.⁠
Prue is a qualified Pilates instructor and has completed additional coursework in lateral hip pain. Her most preferred areas to treat include the lower back, hip and pre and post-natal conditions. Prue is currently completing her Women’s Health Physiotherapy training to complement her current skillset.⁠
One of Prue’s strengths as a clinician is using easy-to-understand language to explain complex anatomical terms. She consistently receives raving reviews from her patients.⁠
Outside of work, Prue enjoys the outdoors and many sports, particularly swimming and running.⁠
Head to our bio learn more and see how Prue and the Chermside SSP team can help you 💙
Have you heard about our Diet, Behaviour and Beyond program? ⁠
Our Dietitian team have developed a sustainable, maintainable and fun diet program that allows you to eat more, learn more, and be more! (is this even possible?)⁠
Yes, yes it is. Contact your nearest clinic to find out more 🍏
Meet Ash! 👋⁠
Ash is one of our amazing Women's Health Physios based on the Sunshine Coast. Ash currently has the capacity for appointments at our Kawana clinic so if you require assistance with⁠
❣️Antenatal & Postnatal MSK pain ⁠
 - SIJ, Back, Abdominal wall separations, Coccyx⁠
❣️Carpal tunnel⁠
❣️Bladder incontinence ⁠
❣️Return to exercise/ Exercise class screenings including internal pelvic floor assessments ⁠
❣️Women's Health Pilates & Classes ⁠
Get in touch with the Kawana team today! ⁠
☎️ 07 5438 8511⁠
"Since graduating, I have been working for Sports & Spinal for the last 3 years, and as a Podiatrist, it has allowed me to grow immensely both professionally and personally."⁠
Hear from our amazing Sunshine Coast Podiatrist, Ainslee O'Connell about her Sports & Spinal career journey so far. Ainslee is an incredible Podiatrist that continues to raise the bar not only in her field but also as a health professional.⁠
Keep up the great work Ainslee!💙⁠
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Have you read our recent LinkedIn article?⁠
We reflected on our New Grad program that we held at the end of January. Head to our bio to read more 💫