Alex Dopper

Alex is a passionate physiotherapist dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential. He holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with first-class honours, was Dux of his course and received the Australian Physiotherapy Association Queensland Award for Academic Excellence. Alex also holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

Beyond his academic pursuits, Alex brings a unique blend of expertise to his practice:

  • Cutting-Edge Knowledge:

Alex has presented at various world-renowned physiotherapy conferences, including the prestigious World Physiotherapy Congress. This ensures his patients receive the best available treatments, informed by the latest research and evidence-based practices. Alex also teaches in university physiotherapy courses, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of physiotherapists.

  • Elite Sports Experience:

Beyond his dedication to research, Alex brings a wealth of practical experience from working with elite athletes, including serving as a physiotherapist for Hockey Queensland. This in-depth understanding of the demands and challenges faced by high-performing individuals translates into effective treatment plans for patients of all activity levels.

  • Running Physiotherapy:

Alex offers a wealth of knowledge in running physiotherapy, specialising in the management and prevention of running-related injuries and optimising running technique. He understands the unique demands of running and is skilled in treating lower limb injuries. This stems from his own extensive background as a competitive ultramarathon runner, which fuels his dedication to helping runners of all abilities achieve their goals.

Alex’s personalised approach focuses on understanding each patient’s unique needs and goals, developing tailored treatment plans, and taking an active role in their recovery journey.

Alex is available for Physiotherapy appointments at our Broadbeach clinic.