Brooke Wilson

Brooke is a dedicated physiotherapist with a passion for promoting optimal physical health and well-being. Brooke completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University. Recently relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Brooke brings her expertise to a new community while embracing the coastal lifestyle she loves.

She is dedicated to evidence-based practice, constantly seeking innovative approaches to optimise patient care and rehabilitation outcomes. Her commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that she remains at the forefront of her field. As a qualified physiotherapist, Brooke is driven by her desire to empower her patients to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling, active lives. Brooke loves all things musculoskeletal and NDIS.

Brooke’s combination of expertise, passion, and commitment to excellence positions her as a trusted partner in the journey to improved health and vitality for her patients on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Brooke is available for physiotherapy consults at Coolum Sports & Spinal.