Kurt Kidman

Following a substantial stint in injury prevention, Kurt transitioned into a career focused on rehabilitation after completion of a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Over the course of several years, Kurt has amassed considerable experience and knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist. His primary focus lies in addressing musculoskeletal conditions affecting the lumbar spine and lower limb, encompassing lumbar disc bulges, lower limb tendinopathies, and a diverse array of knee pathologies.

In addition to his experience in musculoskeletal health, Kurt has an interest in cardiometabolic rehabilitation. He actively collaborates with individuals navigating diverse health challenges such as hypertension, Type-2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity.

Kurt extends his rehabilitation services to a broad spectrum of patients, encompassing those covered by Work Cover, CTP, DVA, NDIS, and private insurance. Demonstrating a commitment to patient-centric care, he works closely with individuals to ensure a personalised approach to their rehabilitation journey. Kurt places a strong emphasis on employing strength and conditioning principles, incorporating objective assessments using Force Plates and Dynamometers to track the effectiveness of his treatments. Continuously advancing his knowledge, Kurt has fortified his expertise in this domain by successfully completing his Level 1 Strength and Conditioning with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association.

Kurt is available for appointments at our North Lakes clinic.