Did you know, kids walk around 2000km in school shoes each year!!

The fact is that most of this walking is done on hard surfaces which is another reason why it is so important that kids are wearing the correct school shoes.

To help ensure that your kids are wearing the best and most appropriate shoes, Sports & Spinal is offering a Back 2 School shoe review for $65! See below for more details.

Back 2 School shoe review includes:

Foot assessment.

Walking and running assessment.

Assessment of last year’s footwear.

Recommendations for best school shoes including sports shoes.


During the first 15 years of your children’s lives, their feet are continually growing, and external forces such as footwear pressure have the potential to contribute to joint, soft tissue, skin, and nail conditions. It is essential that when buying shoes for our children, we look for shoes that will accommodate our child’s growth as well as protect them from the hard, non-forgiving surfaces they spend all day on.

Sports & Spinal Podiatry understand that the back-to-school period is a busy and sometimes stressful time, so to help you out we have come up with some useful tips to make selecting your children’s school shoes a little easier:

Fit your children’s shoes properly

A thumb width between the end of the longest toe and shoe, whilst standing is an excellent general length rule to use, this allows enough room for growth without slippage at the heel and too much forefoot movement within the shoes. When testing for width at the toe box, you should not be able to pinch any excessive fabric nor should the forefoot bulge on either side. Even width spacing between opposing eyelets is a good indication the shoe has adequate width through the midfoot.

Ensure the shoe cannot bend in the middle (while testing holding it in your hands)

This helps protect the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the feet by providing resistance to bending and torsion forces.

Look for a cushioned midsole

There are traditional school shoes now that have good shock-absorbing EVA soles very similar to sports shoes. Avoid thin-soled, casual school shoes like, Converse All Stars as these offer no protection from hard walking and running surfaces. Being able to wear a sports/running shoe to school is the best-case scenario.

Elevated Heel (10mm)

This helps to de-load the muscles and tendons that cross the ankle into the foot. Flat shoes increase forces on these structures and may contribute to an overuse injury.

The Back 2 School offer is available for all school-aged children and runs until the end of January 2021. Simply mention this promo when you book your next appointment with the Sports & Spinal podiatry team to receive the offer.

We would love to take good care of your family and their feet!