A black and white shoe on a concrete basketball court

A child spends 30+ hours a week in their school shoes, so it is essential that they are fitted correctly.

During the first 12-15 years of our lives our feet grow very quickly and external forces such as footwear pressure shape and influence the development of the bones in our feet. It is therefore essential that when buying shoes for our children we look for shoes that will support and enhance their foot’s growth and function.

Sports & Spinal Podiatry understand that the back-to-school period is a busy and sometimes stressful time so we have come up with some tips to make selecting your child’s school shoes a little easier:

  • Your child spends a great percentage of their week wearing school shoes so it’s important to make sure you always buy quality shoe brands to ensure your child’s developing feet are getting adequate support
  • Have your child’s shoes professionally fit at a reputable store. This will ensure the correct length and width are worn
  • Don’t buy shoes more than 1 size larger than their current foot size. Although allowing a little extra room for growth is fine, an ill-fitting shoe won’t be comfortable and can be a tripping issue
  • Shoes that are too heavy or overly flexible should be avoided

It is important to have your child’s feet evaluated by a podiatrist every year from primary until they finish secondary school. The Sports & Spinal podiatrists educate parents on appropriate footwear and normal development to provide peace of mind and management options if treatment is required.

If you would like further advice regarding your child’s feet and their footwear please contact us directly, we are more than happy to help!

Get an ‘Annual Check-Up’ for $60 if you book in before 31.01.20. Our Annual Check-up includes:

1. Foot assessment
2. Walking assessment
3. Assessment of last year’s footwear
4. Recommendations for best shoe matches

This check-up is designed to target the specific areas of gait analysis, correct shoe-fitting, coordination and body alignment.


Please contact your local clinic to book in with one of our expert Podiatrists and gain access to our amazing ‘Back2School Check-Up’ offer