A lady holding an avocado cat in half, with fruit and vegetables on a table and a laptop open
A Dietitian is an allied health professional who is trained in food and nutrition science. Dietitians have extensive knowledge of the many roles diet can play in health and disease. One of the most important skills a dietitian has is the ability to translate scientific research and language into simple, practical advice that is individualised for each person.

A dietitian can help a wide range of population groups. The most common and obvious are those trying to lose weight or gain weight. However, there are many other areas where a dietitian can be a very useful source of information and guidance. Some of these include:

  • Individuals with Diabetes: this includes Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes (a form of diabetes that may occur during pregnancy).
  • People experiencing gut issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD)- this includes Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, chronic constipation/diarrhoea or Coeliac Disease.
  • Individuals with poor immune function, skin issues, and low mood/energy levels may be related to diet quality.
  • Individuals with osteoporosis or decreasing bone mineral density.
  • People suffering from pain related to Osteoarthritis which may currently be worsened by weight.
  • Assisting people by ensuring adequate cooking and food preparation skills to be able to provide good quality and delicious food!
  • Helping people to reconnect with their own body to assist with mindful eating and a more positive relationship with one’s body.

Your dietitian will collect lots of health and lifestyle-related information from you to ensure they know have plenty of knowledge, which helps them to tailor your personalised recommendations. One of the great aspects of including a dietitian in your health journey is the simple and practical strategies you will walk away with after each session and the accountability which can assist in keeping you on track to reaching your nutrition goals.

If you have any health concerns- big or small, that you think a dietitian could help you to manage, take the first step to improved health!


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