New Grad Refresher Breakdown

Earlier last month our 2023 new graduates underwent our annual refresher program. It involves our new grad teams from Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, and Podiatry all coming together for a day-long program to enhance their skill set, build on their knowledge, and become more confident in their ability to assist their community.

Using our in-house team to present on topics that they have a strong interest and expertise in, our new grads were able to learn from the best in the business (all from Sports & Spinal and/ or Total Rehab Solutions!).

Topics covered throughout the day included:

  1. Subjective/ Objective Assessment and Subjective Craft – Low Back Pain Cases
  2. Manual Therapy Skills
  3. Exercise Progressions for Low Back Pain
  4. Neck & Headaches
  5. Neuro Rehab
  6. Hip & SIJ
  7. Strength & Conditioning
  8. Biomechanical Running Assessment
  9. Pilates 101

The Feedback

Our new graduate group thoroughly enjoyed the refresher program and found value in each topic and presentation from the day. Here’s what some of our team had to say.

The training and mentorship over the last six months has been perfect. I have weekly catch-ups with my mentors in clinic and they let me focus on what I want to focus on and it can be as formal or as informal as I like. I have been able to relax now into my roll because my team has enabled me to build confidence and enhance my skillset at my own pace.

Alex Dopper – Broadbeach Physiotherapist

We’re provided so much information during the program and it’s been great to take some of those gems (learnings) and actually use them in a clinical setting. You get way more support than what I thought as a new grad you would ever get.

Jake Phillips – Woolloongabba Exercise Physiologist


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