A group of male sports & spinal team members working and learning at a seminar

Back in June, our 2022 New Graduates underwent a week-long New Graduate Refresher Program. The program was jam-packed with guest speakers, hands-on workshops, mentoring sessions and plenty of laughs and fun throughout!

We asked some of our Physiotherapists what they loved about the refresher program, and here’s what they had to say.

Physiotherapist, Tim Low

The new grad refresher was an awesome event where we listened to experienced clinicians, specialists and surgeons in their respective fields. In particular, it was very helpful learning from experienced physio’s in their areas of interest and adding additional assessment and treatment techniques to my ‘tool belt’. It was a great opportunity to reflect on my practice as a new grad physio over the last 6 months and solidify everything I’d learned thus far. All the guest speakers were approachable and encouraged us to ask questions and get in contact with them if we needed any assistance in the future. Lastly, meeting all the new grads from other clinics was awesome and making some mates along the way.

Physiotherapist, Coen Watts

The new grad refresher was a great opportunity to gain new clinical knowledge, refresh my pre-existing knowledge, and gain new perspectives for treating patients. It was a great opportunity to learn from other clinicians and surgeons with a great knowledge of conditions and has improved my skills in practice. I believe the day was well planned, taking a systematic approach for topics and body locations discussed and was broken up nicely to focus on the most common presentations we would encounter as physiotherapists.

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