Current research indicates that most adults need to increase their vegetable intake by at least 30% (1).

We can do this by making vegetables more appetising to us, we eat with our eyes, right? Including vegetables of different textures and colours in a meal is a great way to achieve this. 

Making meals more colourful has another great benefit, by including different colours and types of vegetables we are providing our gut with different types of fibre, this promotes gut health by increasing the variety of gut bacteria – this can even improve our mood! (2).

The Sports & Spinal Dietitian Team’s favourite veggie combos include:

🥕 Carrots, snow peas and capsicum in a stir-fry

🥕 Beetroot, tomato, and lettuce in a sandwich

🥕 Spinach, garden peas, and baby tomatoes in a pasta

🥕 Mushroom, pea, and pumpkin in risotto

What colours are you missing from your plate?


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Written by Sports & Spinal Dietitian, Naomi Gould

(1) AGHE 2013, (2) Li., Et al 2016