How many times have you started a ‘Health Kick’ with the best intentions only to crash just after 1-2 weeks in?

Have you done all the right things? 

Go to the gym more often, limit takeaway, increase your veggie intake in every meal, reduce how much or how often you drink alcohol, and the list goes on…

Here’s the thing with habits, they take time to break and they take time to replace with better habits. It takes consistency and commitment, two things that don’t usually happen overnight.

So many of us start to feel disappointed after working really hard, doing all the right things, and seeing little to no results. It’s at this stage that some of these changes start to slip and the old habits return.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, here are my top three tips:

  1. Choose ONE habit you want to change, write down what you’d like to replace that habit with, and make this your focus.
  2. Continue to check in with your progress on this habit change, you’d be surprised by how far you’ve come just by reflecting and giving yourself a pat on the back.
  3. Give it time, it will take time to replace a habit, continue to show up for yourself and put in the effort, there will be fruits to your labor.

BONUS TIP: Work with professionals who are trained to support you. Dietitians are trained to support you. Dietitians are trained in much more than medical nutrition therapy! Nutrition counseling, goal setting, diet planning, and diet strategy management (in a fun and positive way) are just a few areas Dietitians are trained to better help their clients.


If you’re needing more help with your nutrition and diet then get in touch with your local Sports & Spinal Dietitian today and get the right advice.

Written by Sports & Spinal Dietitian, Naomi Gould