Exercise physiologists can sometimes be confused with personal trainers, but they are very different professions! We had one of our resident Sports and Spinal exercise physiologists explain what a day in the life of an EP actually entails.

EPs: What Are They?

Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are experts in delivering exercise and lifestyle modification programs that help to improve people’s health. For these guys, exercise is medicine! ⁠

EPs are commonly confused with personal trainers but there are some key differences: ⁠

👉 They are university qualified. ⁠

👉 They are subject to strict accreditation requirements. ⁠

👉 They know how to set goals and maintain motivation. ⁠

👉 They can treat and work with all types of people. ⁠

👉 They are eligible to register with Medicare Australia, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and WorkCover, and are recognized by most private health insurers. ⁠

A Day In The Life As An EP

“Each morning my day starts with a 10-minute cycle to work. This is my time in the morning to bring my focus to the day ahead.”

“I have always been an early riser, so my 6.30 am Pilates class is the perfect way to set up the day. I love how different the dynamics are in my group and it is always good to share a laugh with my clients.”

“As an EP, each day/client is completely different. Although I have a special interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and high-performance training, I see a variety of conditions including Type II Diabetes, neurological conditions, and mental illness to name a few.

“I complete different classes including Pilates, gym strength and conditioning, and hydrotherapy.”

“I love watching my patients achieve their goals, return to work, and resume their hobbies and interests they were unable to engage in preinjury/condition.”

My day is also broken up with seeing our referring GP’s/specialists to discuss the benefits of exercise and educating them on why their patients should see an Exercise Physiologist.”

“Once my day has finished, I finish with a ride home and engage in my favorite exercise of all, walking my 7-year-old Kelpie with my partner.”


Thank you to our EP for taking the time to sit down with us to explain a day in the life as an EP!