Sports & Spinal use the app Physiapp for our telehealth consultations. This works well on any Apple or Android device, including smartphones or tablets, as well as laptops and desktop computers with internet access. Once you’ve booked your telehealth consultation either online or through your local clinic, follow the below steps for your telehealth consultation.

1. To book a telehealth consult, find the service you are after or your preferred practitioner, look at the available times that suit you best, and ensure you pick ‘TELEHEALTH’ from the drop-down menu. Or call your local clinic and book an appointment over the phone.

2. Now that it is time for your appointment, log in to your account. Download PhysiApp from the App Store or on Google Play.

3. If using a computer, open in a web browser. Google Chrome and Firefox work best.

4. Your unique login code will be sent to your email address that you used to book the consultation. Enter your 6-letter access code and click the ‘Access your program’ button.

5. Answer the call. Now that you are logged on to PhysiApp, your clinician will be able to call you so long as your screen remains on with PhysiApp displayed. Make sure you have a reasonable space around you if you have a physiotherapy, exercise physiologist, or podiatry appointment in case you need to perform some movement tests.

Sports & Spinal is a place for you to be welcomed, strengthened, and supported to achieve your health goals. Click here to learn more about telehealth and how it can help you.