A man with gloves is knelt down helping another man with fitting an orthotic to his foot

How to make your orthotics comfortable.

Orthotics change the way your foot functions and therefore will require wearing in period.

Begin by wearing the orthotic for  1 hour on the first day. Increase the time by  1  hour every day until they can be worn all day.

Occasionally there may be some discomfort in the legs or back during the adjustment period. This is due to the newly aligned position of your body and your muscles will take some time to get used to it. If this occurs, cut back the adjustment time by  30  minutes each day.

Your podiatrist will review your progress in a few weeks. By this time you should be wearing your orthotic device all day.

Suitable footwear which will accommodate orthotic devices can be discussed by your podiatrist.

Your orthotics may be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.  If they squeak in your shoes add some powder.

Exercise and Orthotics 

Orthotics fit best into shoes with a deep heel seat and a high firm heel counter.

Orthotics should not be used in badly worn shoes as they will not function correctly.

Remove all arch supports and build up from the shoe to allow the orthotics to sit properly in the shoe. Use devices for exercise only after you can use them all day for two days.

Initially, you will feel pressure under the arch,  snugness around the heel and a  digging in of the front edge.  This will disappear as your feet will become accustomed to the devices.

With the high load and repetition and high loads of exercise, your orthotics will eventually show some signs of wear and tear.  Covers and extensions can be replaced for a  small charge.


If you are experiencing any issues with your orthotics,  contact our podiatrists to discuss how they can help you.